Thursday, February 2, 2023

how to use musebook m2 pendulum style beginner features

musebook metronome m2 pendulum style has a pendulum bar within a stop zone.

Touching the screen and moving your finger over the pendulum bar holds the pendulum bar. Releasing your finger releases the pendulum bar.

Moving the pendulum bar from the stop zone to the left or right plays the metronome.

Holding the pendulum bar stops the metronome while releasing it from either end restarts it, and releasing it from any other location moves pendulum bar back to the stop zone.

musebook metronome m2 pendulum style play & stop
musebook metronome m2 pendulum style play & stop

Holding the pendulum slider and move it up and down to change the tempo.

The tempo range supported by musebook metronome m2 is 1 to 300 BPM(Beats Per Minute).

Press the ⊖ or ⊕ buttons on the right to adjust the tempo by ±1, or press and hold to adjust quickly.

musebook metronome m2 pendulum style tempo
musebook metronome m2 pendulum style tempo

musebook metronome m2 announces quarter note beat as beat sound.

By pressing the beat button on the left, you can split one quarter note into two, three eighth notes or four sixteenth notes, with the first beat announced by a beat sound and the rest by a weak beat sound.

You can specify a bar by pressing the meter button on the left, 0 for no bar or 1 to 20 quarter notes for a single bar.

When a measure is specified, a beat button for each quarter note beat appears below the meter button. By pressing these buttons, you can switch between accented beat sounds, beat sounds, weak beat sounds, and mute.

You can change the beat voice by pressing the bell button at the upper right.

You can mute the beat sound by pressing the mute button at the lower right.

my lifelong musical companion, musebook m2

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