Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Files 8 - New App for iOS 8

[Files 8] gives you Quick Look & ZIP Preview for documents, images, music, videos, and etc. 

[Files 8] gives you intuitive user experiences so that you can organize all your files very easily. 

[Files 8] is optimized for iOS 8.

Sharing files using three storages as following:

  • Share [Local Documents] via iTunes
  • Share [Shared Documents] with other apps in iPhone or iPad
  • Share [iCloud Drive] on the Internet

Quick Look & ZIP Preview

  • iWork documents, Office documents
  • Images, Music, Videos
  • Without Unzip, preview ZIP contents (password may be requested if locked)

File Manager

  • Create unlimited subfolders
  • Sort by Name/Date/Size
  • Copy/Cut and Paste
  • Rename, Delete
  • Zip or Unzip (with or without password)
  • Open-in
  • Share files via AirDrop, Facebook, Twitter, Message, Mail, Vimeo, and etc.
  • Access control with Touch ID Lock

Document Provider

  • Open (or Import) files from [Files 8 Shared Documents] using other apps
  • Move (or Export) files from other apps to [Files 8 Shared Documents]
  • Compatible with iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and etc.

iCloud Drive

  • Download local copies or Evict them
  • Share Link by Mail

Advertisements before upgrade

  • Banner ads can be shown at the bottom of file browsers
  • Banner ads can be shown at the bottom of Quick Look or ZIP Preview when you are using them for 30 minutes or more
  • Interstitial ads can be shown when you are closing Quick Look or ZIP Preview after 30 minutes or more

If you are using iOS 8, utilize [Files 8] to organize all your files. Please keep in mind that [Files 8] also gives you Quick Look & Zip Preview.

NOTE: All content contained herein is subject to change without notice.