Wednesday, June 25, 2003

musebook tuner v2.20 and metronome v1.20 now available

musebook tuner v2.20 and metronome v1.20 are back with enhanced features that is more useful way for your musical activity. Registered users are encouraged to update the current version FOR FREE! These new versions of both musebook tuner and musebook metronome feature Always On Top function.

Upgraded musebook tuner v2.2 now features :
  • NEW Always On Top function
  • NEW Disable Screen Saver while it is running
  • NEW Context Menu on main view by mouse rightclick
  • and many more trivial enhancements

Disabling Screensaver function has been added requested by many instrument players. That way they do not need to move a mouse while they are practicing with musebook tuner. Your screen saver is disabled for 5 minutes under Chromatic and Manual Mode, after sound input from microphone (Only if musebook tuner window is activated).

Upgraded musebook metronome v1.2 now features :
  • SOLVED Errors in Selecting two Wave files for tick sound under Win9x
  • NEW Always On Top function
  • NEW Context Menu on main view by mouse rightclick
  • and many more trivial enhancements

We believe that these new versions will give you more fun and stable environment.

Sunday, June 1, 2003

musebook wav2midi v1.0 released

musebook wav2midi converts monophonic (44.1 KHz 16 bit mono) Wave file to MIDI file. It analyzes Wave file and detects pitch, onset, diminution and timbre of sound and produces the REALISTIC MIDI FILE.

With MuseBook Wav2Midi,
WAV2MIDI conversion is EASY and BETTER!

With MuseBook Wav2Midi, you don't need complex setting. MuseBook Wav2Midi converts the file sequentially and saves them in designated folder automatically. You can change the MIDI voice after conversion.

Features include:
  • Easy to use : Automatic conversion without need of complex setting.
  • Multiple File Conversion : File conversion is done in sequence on Converting List automatically. Possible to apply different MIDI effects (Change Instrument, etc) on respective file.
  • Wave File Format : 44.1KHz 16bit mono(not stereo) wave file contains monophonic(not polyphonic) sound (not polyphonic).
  • Pitch Bandwidth : A0 ~ C8 (Piano 88 keys, 26 Hz ~ 4,500 Hz)
  • Time resolution : Approximate 0.01 sec (11 msec)
  • Onset Detection : Smart Onset Detection and MIDI note division by 3 stages (using strong volume attack, volume change, timbre transition by consonant, note change, and etc.)
  • MIDI Effects : Supports Pitch Bend, Volume Expression and Brightness.