Wednesday, July 28, 2004

International Piano Magazine introduces musebook score on July/August 2004

musebook score was introduced in International Piano Magazine's New Products section as one of the latest piano accessories every player should have.

Electronic Score

Do you wish you didn't have to stop the music to turn the pages? AMuseTec may have a solution. Their musebook score is an electronic score program which runs from any personal computer - a Tablet PC is recommenced, which is slim enough to sit on a piano music stand. An Electronic version of your chosen score, saved as MusicXML score files on your PC, is displayed on the computer screen.

As you play, the programme 'listens' via a microphone and tracks the notes, then turns the pages automatically. It colours the notes as you play them, and will not proceed if you make a mistake or miss any notes out. It can also play the music to you before you practise. Other functions, such as making and saving annotations on the electronic score with a stylus pen and a recording device, will be available with the next upgrades.