Tuesday, April 1, 2003

musebook midimic v1.10 released

musebook midimic , real-time Sound2MIDI, converts sound detected from microphone into MIDI data in real-time. musebook midimic determines Pitch, Dynamics and Timing and simultaneously converts each note as MIDI data. While you are singing, you can hear your voice changed into some other instrument you choose of 128 MIDI instruments. Any monophonic instrument solo e.g. guitar, violin, recorder, saxophone, etc. can be also used as sound input.

Features include:
  • Real-time Sound2MIDI : Sound feature extraction per 0.044 second
  • Pitch Bandwidth : A0 ~ C8 (Piano 88 keys, 26 Hz ~ 4,500 Hz)
  • Signal Display : Volume envelope, Wave form and Frequency spectrum
  • MIDI Effects : Supports Pitch bend, Volume change, Brightness effects
  • Note Denotation : Displays sung or performed note on stave with note syllable and its octave number
  • Onset Detection : Automatic detection plus manual onset generation are supported
  • Octave Transpose : Change in octave from -5 ~ +5 octave
  • Preset : Supports preset to save and load your settings as you like.
  • and many more!