Saturday, October 19, 2019

iPadOS Auto Lock Solution

iPadOS 13.2 fixed the following bug so that please update to iPadOS 13.2 asap.

- iPadOS 13.0~13.1 bug -

While supporting iPadOS 13 multi-window, the following issues occur with the auto-lock disable of the iPad screen.

When you run an app for the first time, the 1st window scene (1) is displayed on the screen. While the window scene (1) is displayed on the screen, the auto-lock disable will operate normally.

After the second or later window scene is displayed on the screen in iPadOS 13, only if the window scene (1) is displayed together on the screen, the auto-lock disable works normally; otherwise, auto-lock disable doesn't work.

Tip: how to solve?

If you close all window scenes of the app, the app will be terminated. Please lastly close the window scene (A) to which you want to apply auto-lock disable.

If you run the app again, the last terminated window scene (A) is launched as the first window scene and window scene (A) will be running with the auto-lock disable.

If you want to see document browser of PDF Notes S or PDF Notes C, please long-press on its icon at home -> Show All Windows -> select one if exists -> otherwise, touch (+) at the top right corner.

Please use the above tip until iPadOS has been improved and auto-lock disable is applied to all windows scenes.

Thank you.

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