Tuesday, January 24, 2023

musebook metronome m2 16.3

musebook® metronome m2 16.3

On January 25, 2023, Apple finished the review of version 16.3 of musebook® metronome m2 and it became Ready for Sale.

On January 24, 2023, I uploaded version 16.3 of musebook® metronome m2 to App Store and it became Waiting for Review. After Apple finishes their reviews, they will be Ready for Sale.


This version supports 3 levels of features: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

m2 beginner features provides metronome and tuning features on the iPhone, and synced haptics support on the Apple Watch.

m2 intermediate features provides setlists and interval timer features in addition.

m2 advanced features provides m2 connection features that works with nearby iPhones in addition.

- supports 3 levels of features: beginner, intermediate and advanced
- supports 3 styles: digital style, pendulum style and preset style
- accurate and stable beat timing with any tempo
- easy to use and intuitive interface (start by moving bar outward, stop by holding bar inward)
- supports Apple Watch, bluetooth keyboard/pedals
- connecting m2 by linking up multiple devices
- multiple setlists(preset lists)
- preset interval faster(slower), interval mute, and timer
- wide tempo range from 1 to 300 BPMs (1 BPM step)
- various meters from 1 to 20 and 0(zero)
- various sub-beats (eighth, tuplet, sixteenth, and rests)
- configurable beat rhythm patterns (accent, on, sub-beat, off)
- three metronome sound sets
- beat flash when in a noisy environment
- mute
- tapping
- reference tones from A0 to C8 (88 keys)

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