Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Introduce PDF Notes S

The app name that was displayed as Files 10 on iOS 10 has been changed to appear as PDF Notes S after iOS 11.

I was developing PDF Notes S app separately from the Files 10 app,  but iOS 11 supplies a built-in Files app that makes it harder to sell Files 10 apps. So, I decided to upgrade it to PDF Notes S app, which was meant to be released as a separate app, rather than annoying our customers by discontinuing Files 10 app.

As a result, current PDF Notes S app is not yet fully functional, such as the lack of annotation function, but it will be available as an update of Files 10 app first in line with the iOS 11 upgrade.

Existing pdf-notes for iPad or iPhone apps are more secure because they do not disclose external access to bookshelves and documents. The new PDF Notes S app is open to iOS 11 trend, it has been designed and developed to further enhance the cache and zoom functionality so that it responds zoom quickly as well as when turning pages.

Thank you

PDF Notes S app (old name Files 10)
pdf-notes for iPad paid version app
pdf-notes for iPad (iap) free version app
pdf-notes for iPhone app

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