Monday, September 19, 2022

musebook metronome m2 16.0

musebook® metronome m2 16.0

On September 19, 2022, Apple finished the review of version 16.0 of musebook® metronome m2 and it became Ready for Sale.

On September 19, 2022, I uploaded version 16.0 of musebook® metronome m2 to App Store and it became Waiting for Review. After Apple finishes their reviews, they will be Ready for Sale.

The old musebook® metroronome m30 is back under the name musebook® metroronome m2. This version is compatible with iOS 16.

- Accurate Beat Timing with any tempo
- Stable Beat Timing for an hour or even a day
- The Same Beat Timing as iPhone's audio play timing

- Simple Digital Hardware Style (Pendulum Style will be added)
- Easy to Use & Control All Features on a Single Screen
- Up & Down the Tempo at a click
- Fast Up & Down the Tempo at a long press
- Tap and Start/Stop buttons

NOTE: All the settings are automatically saved so that you do not need to set the last tempo again when musebook metroronome m2 is re-run.

* Metronome Features:
-- Tempo Range: 1 ~ 300 BPM(Beats Per Minute)
-- Tempo Resolution: 1 step
-- 3 Metronome Sounds
-- 3 Beat Sounds: Measure(Accent), Beat, Sub-beat
-- Meters(Beats Per Measure): 0, 1 ~ 20
-- Rhythm Patterns: 1 Quarter, 2 Eighths, 3 Tuplets, 4 Sixteenths
-- Visible Beat Signals: Flash, LED, Beat Number Display

* Tap Features:
-- Simply tap in time with any music to find the tempo
-- Simply turn the metronome on with the tempo found
-- Detectable Tempo Range: 1 ~ 300 BPM
-- Detectable Tempo Resolution: 1 step

NOTE: If you want to know the tempo of any music playing on iPhone, just run musebook metronome m2 and tap the tempo of the music.

* Sound Features:
-- Simply Tune your instruments with the reference sound
-- 3 Reference Sounds: Piano, Guitar, SineWave
-- Adjustable Pitch Range: 440 ~ 445 Hz
-- Adjustable Pitch Resolution: 1 Hz
-- Reference Note Range: A0 ~ C8

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