Monday, March 27, 2017

[Files 10] Update News - 10.0

On 29th March 2016, Apple finished the review of 10.0.0 of [Files 10] and it became Ready For Sale.

On 26th March 2017, I uploaded the version 10.0.0 of [Files 10] to App Store and it became Waiting For Review. After Apple finishes its review, it will be Ready For Sale.

[Files 10] supports iPhone 3D touch so that it gives you file previews or folder contents with share/edit menus by Peek & Pop.

Moreover, it supports background play of music and iPad's PiP video, and a action extension of Save to Files 10 from any other apps. [Files 10] is fully upgraded beyond [Files 8].

New version changes how to show ads so that please note this. And, in-app purchase licenses change to subscriptions so that I provided a Privacy Policy as Apple requested for the subscriptions.

Existing [Files 8] customers' licenses are still valid as they were~ ^^ Use [Refresh Receipts]

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