Monday, November 9, 2015

iOS 9 & pdf-notes for iPad

I am sorry for customers who couldn’t access Google Drive because of iOS 9’s side effect that failed to enlarge login view. Now, I want to let you know about the recent 3.6.19 version.

  • pdf-notes for iPad 3.6.19 version runs on iOS 9 only. (iPad 1 customers can use the 3.6.15 version under iOS 5. ^^)
  • The former free versions didn’t support multitasking, but the 3.6.19 free version supports multitasking with a small notice dialog, because of the picture in picture video multitasking of iOS 9. => It supports picture in picture video play for attachments so that you can turn pages or make notes or even run other apps while watching the PIP video.
  • I’ve renewed all Dropbox, Google Drive, uCloud connections, and the 3.6.19 version supports document picker extension for other apps/clouds including iCloud. It will be greatly helpful for you.
  • I’ve added a setting to clear link background colors.
  • And there are lots of enhancements, but I am really sorry for this update after a very long absence because Apple does not accept 32 bit apps since 2015 so that I had to re-write all the 32 bit codes to 64 bit codes and it takes very long time. You might know that pdf-notes 3.6.15 version or former versions supports iOS 5 ~ iOS 8 and those were written by 32 bit codes. Now, the 3.6.19 version is written by 64 bit codes.

I uploaded it on 8th November 2015 so that please wait until Apple finishes its review. The review was finished on 2nd December 2015.

Added on 2nd December 2015

  • After the update uploading, Apple had wrongly rejected its review because of the review team's mistake (or misunderstanding?), and after the 2 times appeals the review was finished. It takes lots of times.
  • Please don't bugging developers for those waiting because it's a kind of casual waiting from the review teams' misunderstanding or mistake, it's not a special case but often. Apple review teams are not so smart but like us.

Thank you~ ^^

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  1. Hello,

    It's really a great to find "software support" from iTunes and it's even more exciting to see this passage. I had been worrying for long that this software is no longer available since I haven't received any upgrade since 2014.

    The reason I look for support is, I would like to know will the software support iPad Pro? And hopefully it can come sooner.

    Another thing, the software currently did not work well with all stylus. Would you please make it works well with the new Apple Pencil.

    I, as a musician,
    bought the paid version since iPad1 and introduce this app to everyone because it is really good. Please keep it on!

    Thanks very much for making and renewing this app for us.