Thursday, March 6, 2014

pdf-notes for iPad 3.5.2

pdf-notes for iPad
    version 3.5.2

On 6th March, free version of pdf-notes for iPad 3.5.2 became Ready For Sale. Paid version will be available in a week if there is no significant bug found at the free version. Paid version also became Ready For Sale on 10th March.

Paid version at

Free version at

This 3.5.2 version fixed the bugs that old versions couldn't get the bookmark from backup files and couldn't show a cursor for sticky-notes. This also adds marks of attachments at notes list and enhances more upon customers’ requests.

For more information, please check "what's new article"

Easy & Speedy... and Finger-Writing Notes...


  1. Hi, I use PDF-notes 3.5.3. why when I added new link for translator. In this link there is "#" and each time I would highlight the word to look up it would replace "#" with "%23" the app replaces it automatically. is there a way to fix that?

    1. I am really sorry for your inconvenience. We've fixed the bug so that please wait until the next update 3.6.1 version is available. It may take some time (1~2 weeks) until Apple finishes its review after uploading.

  2. I tried to use this translator: