Tuesday, April 20, 2004

musebook score released

Have you ever disturbed by page turning when you play the piano? Maybe you have imagined an automatic page turning systems. That is not an imagination any more.

MuseBook Score is an electronic score solution which automatically turns page for you! Use a Tablet PC instead of sheet music and open MusicXML score files saved on your computer hard disk. As you play the piano, MuseBook Score listens to the piano performance through a microphone, recognizes where you are playing, then turns pages automatically. (MuseBook Score works with both acoustic and digital piano.)

As you play the piano, it indicates the current performing note with a color you defined. Not only it provides easier way of reading scores, but also more fun piano practicing by interactive learning environment.

It plays the music exactly according to the expression marks to let you understand and memorize the music better before practice.


  1. I programmed a robot arm to turn pages in 1983. However, you had to give it a tempo and bars/page. Also, another robot arm would flail back and forth holding a baton, so you wouldn't be out of sync. This was a less-than-optimal solution. Good luck with your product.

  2. Hi SDC,
    Thank you for your comment. MuseBook Score series recognizes tempos, bars, pages, in addition repetition marks and every note individually. It listens and follows piano performance. When a pianist plays fast or slowly, it follows at his/her tempo indicating the pressed keys in real-time. You may think it a robot with an artificial intelligence.

    You seem to have had an early idea of page turning system. It will be appreciated if you give me an opprotunity to hear about your program. Good luck to you too.