Monday, October 20, 2003

2003 Music Korea

The Frontier in Music Recognition Technology, AMuseTec proposes digital innovation in sheet music with introduction of musebook score at Music Korea 2003 (16-19th, Oct, 2003).
musebook score is an electronic score solution which automatically turns pages and shows current performing notes in real-time. Piano player with musebook score is recommended to use Tablet PC instead of sheet music and open MusicXML score files saved in user's hard disk. As one play the piano, musebook score listens to the piano performance through a microphone, tracks the notes, then turns pages automatically. Therefore the player can concentrate on music without being bothered from turning pages over.

Not only does musebook score have automatic page-turning function, but also show current performing notes in user-defined color. By comparing user's piano performance with original score file, it colors the note-head when it is correctly performed. It helps piano learners, especially the young, read scores easily by providing interactive music lesson environment. This makes often tedious piano practicing more fun, consequently piano practice can be far more effective.

musebook score can be used either at home or school using both acoustic and digital piano. Its Tablet PC compatibility adds more power to digital sheet music, giving it real mobility and realizing almost paperlike music score by annotating yourself with digitized pen. Official release of musebook score will be coming January at NAMM 2004.

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