Wednesday, February 26, 2003

musebook midimic v1.0 now available

AMuseTec releases musebook midimic, real-time Sound2Midi software which transforms your voice or monophonic instrument performance (e.g. piccolo, trumpet, violin, etc) into 128 MIDI instrument of your choice. MIDI sound is produced in real-time. Generated MIDI data can be saved and interfaced with other MIDI instruments.

Features include;
  • Wide range of Pitch Bandwidth from A0 ~ C8 (Piano 88 keys, 26 Hz ~ 4,500 Hz),
  • Volume envelope, Wave form and Frequency spectrum display,
  • Pitch bend, Volume change and Brightness MIDI effects,
  • Displays sung or performed note on stave with notes syllable and its octave number,
  • Automatic Onset Detection plus manual Onset Generation supported,
  • Octave Transposition from -5 ~ +5 octave.
  • Etc.

With kind regards,

musebook team

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