Friday, September 27, 2019

PDF Notes C 13.1.0

PDF Notes C (universal app for iPhone & iPad)
Version 13.1.0

On September 27, 2019, Apple finishes the review of version 13.1.0 of PDF Notes C and it became Ready for Sale.

As iOS updates to 13.1, on September 26, 2019, I uploaded version 13.1.0 of PDF Notes C to App Store.

On September 23, 2019, I uploaded version 13.0.0 of PDF Notes C to App Store and it became Waiting for Review. After Apple finishes its review, it will be Ready for Sale.

App Store

Apps not developed by Apple can't recognize 3 or 4 fingers gestures in iOS 13.0. Since iOS 13.1, they are recognized correctly.

PDF Notes C is a sister app of PDF Notes S that excludes cache to reduce CPU, memory, battery usages, and cache storage.

PDF Notes C gives you a 2 pages viewer with horizontal/vertical scroll, and cache for fast page turns, and thumbnail scrollbar.

PDF Notes C gives you ZIP Preview, Quick Look of documents, images, music, videos, and etc.

PDF Notes C gives you Document Browser so that you can organize all your files very easily.

PDF Viewer
  • 1 page or 2 pages, horizontal or vertical fast page turns
  • Scroll or turn pages by tap on sides
  • 8 handwriting tools that you can adjust color and line width
  • Horizontal or vertical thumbnail scrollbar
  • PDF outlines, bookmarks, and annotations list
  • PDF search
  • Cache manager supports 3 modes, permanent cache, automatic cache, and no cache
  • PDF creation and assembly (move/rotate/insert/remove pages)

Quick Look, ZIP Preview
  • iWork documents, Office documents
  • Images, Music, PiP Videos
  • Without Unzip, preview ZIP contents (password may be requested if locked)

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