Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Auto redirecting ads

Some customers have found an issue of auto redirecting banner ads that close pdf-notes or other apps and redirect to unwanted site or App Store.

If you found this problem, please capture the redirected site or App Store and report it to Google so that Google can save us from those immoral ads.

If you have gotten this continuously, please turn on Airplane mode not to receive those banner ads from Google.

The paid version and upgrade versions don’t have this problem because no ads.

We hope Google fixes this problem as soon as possible.

I am sorry for your inconvenience.

Men willingly believe what they wish. If you don't trust us, please refer to Google Search: ads auto redirecting to App Store
or at least read this: http://techcrunch.com/2014/01/06/shady-app-install-ads-are-automatically-redirecting-mobile-users-to-app-store-google-play/

Appended on 23rd April~

We've already added those reported apps including Monster Legends Mobile, Empire: Four Kindoms, Age of Warrior Empire to admob's App Filter not to appear but it may not work yet... Google admob may need more time and more...

Since the immoral auto redirecting ads from Google AdNetworks, we are very sad and painful because there are misunderstood information on Customers Review at App Store...

but there is nothing that we can do more... except waiting...

China Apr 23, 2014 by 武*** Version 3.2.1
Always pop out ads! - Very annoying and unconvenient

US Apr 23, 2014 by Ka* ******* Version 3.5.0
Annoyed. - Recently it randomly exits and opens to send you to a game in the App Store.. Without even touching the screen. Fairly annoying.

US Apr 23, 2014 by AL****** Version 3.6.0
In app adds - I love this App and have used it for years. It's good for note taking. My latest issue is that it will open the App Store to some game to be purchased. I know I am not accidentally clicking because it has done it a couple times when I am just reading on the screen. It has not always done it but it seems to be doing it semi regularly.

US Apr 23, 2014 by An********** Version 3.5.1
Garbage App - Just don't. It's nothing but a pop-up, banner, sales app...for the sole purpose of selling you their for-pay app. Don't waste your time.

UK Apr 22, 2014 by no***** Version 3.4.1
Unusable after update - After a few seconds the app closes and the apple store opens up showing some useless app. From most useful pdf reader to most useless in one update...

US Apr 21, 2014 by Ro*********** Version 3.5.1
What's with the pop ups? - Been using this app for years and have loved it, until now. WHY are games being advertised in the banners within the app now opening up the download page in the App Store WHILE I'm using the app?! How am I supposed to follow what I'm doing when this Windows-esque pop up nonsense is happening? Please fix.

Russia Apr 20, 2014 by Ku*** Version 3.6.0
auto opens appstore to dowloand app - auto opens appstore to dowloand app, began 2 weeks ago and now impossible to work in.. thinking to change the pdf reader..

Russia Apr 19, 2014 by al********** Version 3.5.1
Advertisement, avdertisement...advertisement - Every minute new advertisement. Impossible to read, impossible to use.

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